Brewed to Perfection TNT CRAFT BEER

We take pride in our work, and it shows. Every time you order a beverage from us, we guarantee that it will be an experience worth having. Whether it's our famous Lounge Lizzard Lager, a refreshing Summer Ale, or something as dark as our Phat Panther Stout, you will be coming back for more.

4% 22 IBU TNT Summer Ale

Light to medium body, easy drinking ale. For those who enjoy more flavourful beers, lots of hop aroma and flavour with moderate bitterness.

4,5% Alc / 43IBU Autumn IPA

Malty backbone, a lot of hop flavour and aroma tending towards fruity with solid bitterness.

4.6% 23 IBU Lounge Lizard Lager

Light malt, light body, slight sweetness at warmer temperature. Easy drinking with dry finish. This easy drinking craft lager is our best seller and suits most palates.

4% 39 IBU Phat Panther Stout

Dark malt with strong roasted flavours tending towards coffee with slight chocolate note. Malt and hop bitterness to finish off. Stout lovers beware you'll be coming back for more.

4.4% 27 IBU Randparker Pilsner

Refreshing hop aroma combined with a light blend of malts and a healthy dose of bitterness.

4% 18 IBU Razzlerberg Ale

Easy drinking light ale, very low bitterness, lightly balanced malty flavours with low hops.