Our history begins way back around 1997 when the boys in the family - the old man, his brother, a friend and the two youngsters - got together in the kitchen and concocted our first brew, which we bottled as The Five Brewskies ! Trial and error (more the latter) eventually put paid to our venture....but not before the brewing bug had bitten.

The simple wonder of turning ordinary elements like malt, hops, water and yeast into the number one alcoholic beverage in the world fascinated and evolved into a passion that urged deeper delving into this magic. Surely there was more that could be achieved by adding flavours from the garden, and experimenting with the various components to achieve a festival of flavours ?

Opportunity knocked on the door in 2016.....and our first foray into larger scale production took hold, acquiring our own brewing equipment and premises. Much like those old timers of Johannesburg in bygone years, toiling with their hands and relying on the big bang kegs of dynamite to extract precious metal from the earth - so too do we put likewise effort into producing our liquid gold.....hence the 'TNT' Brewery name (A secret.... TWO brothers AND TWO brothers...abbreviated as TNT !)

We at TNT Brewery then set about creating styles of beer to suit every pallet. Through hours over the mash tun and boil kettle, enduring long nights to find that pleasurable moment when the craft comes alive....the escape of creation is rather emotional. Yes, we are passionate about good beer-making !

We continue to experiment with new combinations of the earthly constituents and this inquisitiveness boils over into our quest to provide the aficionado and everyday beer lover with something unique and interesting but always mindful of focussing on purity and quality.

Top quality grains sourced locally and from Europe are combined with exotic as well as regular hops and premium yeasts to explode in an array of different flavours for a quality product fitting of the true beer connoisseur. Although brewing is a reasonably standard process, it is the tweaking of the techniques that sets us aside in the growing, craft-beer industry.... producing bespoke, delicious thirst quenchers. Yes, we have a few tricks up our sleeve !

Universally beer inevitably leads to much animate conversation and the better the beer, the more 'sessionable' things become. Be it summer, when a thirst quencher is called for or winter when the warm log fire can be offset by that cold, gold liquid down the hatch.....you will find one of our beers to suit that very occasion.

Enjoy our TNT beer......it's real !